Rules of Cooperation

Initial Provisions


1. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń [European Translation Centre] has its registered office at ul. Zagójska 9


2. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń performs ordinary and certified translations as well as interpreting: conference (consecutive) interpreting and cabin (simultaneous) interpreting reliably and accurately while ensuring professionalism.


3. In addition to those services, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń provides other translation services, such as certification or revising and editing of translated texts.


4. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall be obliged to perform translation and interpreting in accordance with the conditions of the order accepted by ECT and the Customer, which include specified order execution deadline, payment conditions, source file format and type of translation.


Principles of commencing cooperation


1. Prior to execution of an order, the Customer is required to sign and send by email or fax an Order Confirmation, which shall determine the conditions of the order. The Order Confirmation may be signed by the Customer in person in the ECT office.


2. The beginning of execution of the order shall be the date of delivery of the signed Order Confirmation.


3. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall accept orders from Monday to Thursday 8.00- 18.00, and on Fridays at: 8.00-17.00. In the event of placing an order for translation after business hours, the beginning of execution of the order shall be the date following the date of delivery of the documents from 8.00 in the morning.  In the event of submission of documents on non-working days, the beginning of execution of the order shall be the first business day following these days.


4. In exceptional cases, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall be entitled to execute an order on different conditions than the conditions specified below. This shall refer to situations specified individually between ECT and the Customer.


 1. A calculation unit shall be a standard translation page .

a) for ordinary translations, this shall be 1500 signs with spaces.

b) for certified translation, this shall be 1125 signs with spaces in accordance with the principles set out in the relevant regulation of the Minister of Justice.

2. The number of pages in the final version of translation shall be the basis for settlement with the Customer. The number of pages in an ordinary translation shall be calculated with accuracy to one decimal place and the number of pages of a certified translation shall be rounded up to a full page (always up).


3. Calculation of translation pages:

a) MS Word: using the “Word Count” function

b) MS Excel and PowerPoint: the contents shall be transferred and counted in MS Word;

c) other formats: in accordance with individual arrangements

b) for certified translation in accordance with the principles set out in the relevant regulation of the Minister of Justice.

4. Certified translation shall be made on the basis of a copy or an original document.

5. The translation price shall not include preparation for publication, which requires additional editing.

6. If the Customer cancels a translation in the course of its execution, it shall be obliged to pay compensation for work actually performed and to reimburse any other costs incurred by Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń in the preparation for the provision of the services ordered.


7. In the case of translation with a particular level of difficulty that requires specific sector knowledge, it shall be advisable that the Customer provides Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń with sources of professional vocabulary and enables consultation with a representative of the company.


1. An interpreter's working time shall be counted from the time at which they were booked, until the time at which they were released from interpreting, and covers any breaks in interpreting (e.g. meal breaks, breaks in the meeting, the time needed for commuting).

2. A calculation unit for interpreting shall be 4 hours of an interpreter’s work (a so-called block)

3. Each commenced block shall be settled as an entire (four-hour) block.

4. The fact that the services of a booked interpreter were not used by the Customer shall not exempt the Customer from bearing the full costs of booking the interpreter.

5. In the event that the Customer cancels interpreting on the day of the service or on the day preceding the execution of the service, the Customer shall be required to pay the full remuneration of the interpreter. 

6. In the case of away-from-home interpreting, the Customer shall be responsible for organising the interpreter’s travel and shall bear the costs of travel, accommodation and meals.

7. Should travel or return on a day other than the day of interpreting be necessary, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń reserves the right to charge a fee for the time spent by the interpreter travelling.

8. Remuneration for an interpreter on non-working days or during the night (from 22.00 to 6.00) is twice the normal rate for interpreting, and on Saturday an additional 50% of the rate for interpreting.

9. Customers who use the services of Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall not communicate with ECT interpreters otherwise than through ECT.


Liability and Copyright

1. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall not be liable for incorrect or illegible original text provided by the Customer, and thus for factual errors in translation.


2. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall not be liable for improper quality and timeliness of services, or interruption or delay in the provision of services arising from causes outside its control, such as force majeure, technical problems (such as hardware failures, Internet failures and telephone connections, breaks in electricity supply, delays caused by courier services, damage to documents by the post office etc.)


3. Compensatory liability shall not include errors in translation performed in super express mode. The Customer ordering translation in super express mode shall assume the risk of errors in translation. However, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall be obliged to immediately remove any defects in a translation.

4. Copyright to a translation is transferred to the Customer immediately after the settlement of the full amount due on the basis of an invoice issued by Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń.



1. With the exception of commonly available materials (press releases, Internet publications and generally available legal acts etc.), all documents and supporting materials provided by the Customer and the content of the meetings interpreted by interpreters shall be kept confidential and shall not in any way be revealed to third parties.

2. At the request of the Customer, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń may provide a separate document constituting an obligation of confidentiality.


1. After execution of an order, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall issue an invoice to the Customer, which shall be paid within 7 days from the date of issue. Payment shall be made by bank transfer to the bank account specified in the invoice, or in person in ECT’s registered office in the case of payment in cash.


2. A longer term of payment shall be possible with the signing of a continued cooperation agreement and/or upon individual arrangements.


3. In some cases, particularly with large orders, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń reserves the right to charge a prepayment before translation of the text.


4. The total net price for the execution of an Order shall be calculated by multiplying the number of translated calculation pages by the price of a calculation page in a given timeframe. VAT shall be added to the net price. The Customer shall pay the amount specified as the gross amount due.


5. Prior to the execution of an Order it shall be possible to conduct a valuation of the text; however, valuation shall be only an estimate and the price for the order shall be an approximate amount as the exact number of pages is calculated in the language of translation after translation has been completed. Evaluation shall not give rise to any claims from the Customer, if the number of pages in a translated text will differ from the number estimated in the valuation.


6. In the case of orders sent electronically, the Customer shall be obliged to confirm receipt of translation by e-mail, fax or telephone within 48 hours.  In the absence of such Confirmation, the order shall be deemed to have been delivered and the Customer shall not be entitled to complain on account of late delivery of a translation. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall not be liable for delays in the delivery of a completed translation for reasons not due to the fault of ECT



1. The Customer shall be entitled to file a complaint about a translation which in their opinion contain errors. Complaints must be filed in writing with details on the deficiencies being the subject of the complaint, within 7 working days from the date of completion of translation by Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń.


2. In the case of errors identified by the Customer, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall be obliged to correct them. The deadline for removal of errors shall depend on the size of the text and its specificity, as well as the number of errors identified and justified. It shall be determined individually for each order.


3. The Customer shall have the opportunity to receive a discount on account of the occurrence of these errors. The discount shall be determined individually for each order.


4. Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń does not accept complaints in respect of services performed in the express and super express modes.


Final Provisions

1. The Rules herein shall apply from the date of placing of an Order by the Customer.


2. In exceptional cases, Europejskie Centrum Tłumaczeń shall be allowed to apply principles of cooperation other than the one specified herein.


3. In matters not settled by the Rules herein, generally applicable law shall apply.


4. Any disputes arising between the parties shall be settled by the competent court in Warsaw.