Tłumaczenia pisemne

We provide translations in all domains and languages of the world


Specialist translation –specialised translation requires not only interpretation of meaning but also knowledge of various domains of science, law, medicine, pharmacy, finance, industry and IT. Our translations are made by translators who, in addition to fluency in a foreign language, have a thorough knowledge of a given sector.


Certified translation of documents – translation of official documents (certificates, diplomas, identification documents, proof of registration documents, documents certified by a notary or made in the form of a notary deed, etc.) made by a sworn translator entered in the register of sworn translators maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland.


To ensure the highest quality of translation, a translated text is subject to verification. Verification involves comparing the translated text made for a particular client or sector with the source text for correctness, completeness, consistency, style and uniform terminology.


Every day we perform dozens of translations for institutions and companies in various domains and languages. We have translated thousands of pages. Every order is unique and performed with care for the highest quality, reliability and timeliness.